Empowering underserved communities and individuals through entrepreneurship. A community that builds hope and equity to all individuals through entrepreneurship.


LAUNCH GASTON exists to build a thriving Gaston County where every individual who dreams of a business can be confident that the community will stand with them, removing obstacles, and creating opportunities for their success.

In addition to our work with adult entrepreneurs through LAUNCH GASTON, we empower entrepreneurship in high school students through LAUNCHing Bright Ideas.


A thriving Gaston County is a place where all have an opportunity for meaningful employment and engagement in the community they love. It’s a place where individuals can launch and grow businesses that provide the goods and services needed to sustain a healthy local economy and to create quality and accessible jobs.


Our conviction is that people from ALL backgrounds have strong ideas, passion and grit with which to build these future businesses and grow existing ones. Our focus has been to support underrepresented entrepreneurs, specifically minorities, women and people born in low-wealth communities.


All entrepreneurs have dreams that are equally powerful and inspiring, yet many that we work with lack access to opportunities because of systemic injustices, educational barriers or having the confidence to navigate the startup experience. Our community need focused support to overcome these obstacles.

This vision is vital for the future of our community because business ownership:

Gaston County has great resources for entrepreneurs and LAUNCH’s role is to make sure no entrepreneur is left out. LAUNCH GASTON is extremely grateful to all of the partners who have helped pursue the mission and provided support to the community’s entrepreneurs so that they can pursue their dreams.

Our success would not have been possible without all those who have assisted us in assisting the community.